Italiano Riccione, Città ideale per i congressi
English Riccione, The ideal town for congresses

San Patrignano

SAN PATRIGNANO is the renowned drug rehabilitation centre that for over twenty years has been a cultural and methodological benchmark for anyone operating in the field of social unease. It has developed great experience in the field of event organisation and its facilities are ideal for hosting concerts, conferences, sports events and international meetings, available to anyone wishing to host a quality event and make an important social gesture at the same time. Choosing San Patrignano for an event means tangibly contributing to improving its services to the 1,800 young people accommodated and those that will be hosted in the future. Its charming setting, on the gently rolling hills inland of Riccione and Rimini just a short distance from Riccione Congressi hotels, are an additional feature of this location. San Patrignano already hosts a number of important events including “Squisito”, a top-class event dedicated to Italian and international food and wine, national and international horse shows and the youth football tournament, “Vincenzo Muccioli Memorial”.