Italiano Riccione, Città ideale per i congressi
English Riccione, The ideal town for congresses

Rimini Conference Centre

Extreme flexibility in use, with the opportunity to host numerous events at the same time, modular conference and exhibition spaces, excellent underground car parks and particular attention to the environment - these are the features of the new venue that will be ready from the end of 2009 and aims to be the biggest in Italy, as well as the most welcoming.
The characteristic feature of the brand new RIMINI CONFERENCE CENTRE will be its amphitheatre, designed like a huge shell facing towards the sea and suspended on steel supports. The materials used are natural and traditional, with considerable use of glass, to let the light “talk”, alongside stone and sand-coloured walls.
The possibility to be divided into smaller rooms, a characteristic of many of the spaces available, is the strength of this offer, which can best adapt to the exigencies of the client.
All the rooms will be fitted with the most modern technology, guaranteeing availability of video support systems and offering top-quality acoustics. The furnishings and materials used have been designed to offer superior quality comfort, an indispensable characteristic for guaranteeing visitors a good stay and ensuring the success of the event.
Featuring two main bodies, linked by a large foyer system with relevant services, and three entrances, Rimini Conference Centre will have a maximum capacity of 42 rooms, seating 9,300, and a main room that can host up to 4,700.
The availability of parking spaces will amount to around 1,000, the highest number of all European conference venues, and will be divided into two similar underground car parks connected by a tunnel.