Italiano Riccione, Città ideale per i congressi
English Riccione, The ideal town for congresses

Riccione Conference Centre

In the heart of the town centre and close to Viale Ceccarini, RICCIONE CONFERENCE CENTRE was inaugurated in May 2008. From an architectural point of view, it is an impressive building with a modern design and cutting-edge technology. It is a futuristic structure, with marked lines that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding area. It is in a central position and is extremely flexible, meaning it can also host corporate events, incentive events or social events.

Its strategic objective is to offer participants the maximum level of technology, comfort, innovation and efficiency.

Everything is within a few hundred of metres of the conference centre, including hotels, restaurants, car parks, shops, bars and numerous opportunities to relax and have fun. You can forget all about your car and the stress of finding a parking space!

The centre has five conference rooms that bear the names of the most important women of the Malatesta Seignory, one of the most powerful families in the period running from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
The first level, with its spacious foyer, is dedicated to welcoming visitors and participants with a reception area, cloakroom, bar and information desk.
The plenary room, Sala Concordia, is on the third level and has a maximum capacity of 1,393. It can be modulated into smaller rooms and thanks to a “foldaway seating” system can be transformed into a 1,800 m² space for exhibitions or use as a catering area.
On the fourth level is the Sala Polissena which can host up to 608 places and can be turned into two smaller rooms hosting 176 and 384 each and the three modular rooms, Ginevra, Violante and Costanza, which can host 85 each.
The building’s pride and joy is the Riccione City Eye, a terrace on the fifth level that offers wonderful panoramic views of the coast and inland to the beautiful, gently rolling hills. It is the ideal place for hosting working lunches and gala dinners, or indeed any other happening or event.
The centre also has handy underground parking, a shopping gallery and a 6-screen cinema.