Italiano Riccione, Città ideale per i congressi
English Riccione, The ideal town for congresses

Imax/Oltremare Park

IMAX, situated within Oltremare Park, offers the most spectacular and thrilling cinema experience in the world and is the ideal, innovative location for corporate conventions and multi-media presentations.

IMAX can be used for either event plenary sessions or for hosting entertainment programmes, with the possibility to show videos using exclusive IMAX technology. It is also possible to use the venue for both occasions.
It can seat 497 and its main feature is the wide screen with IMAX technology, at 30 x 20 metres the largest in Europe.
Its real advantage is the fact it is possible to project any multi-media support up to a dimension of 16 x 12 metre.
During the plenary session, everything can be managed by the speaker or an assistant seated at the side.

Obviously, it is also possible to project traditionally onto a smaller screen, without using IMAX technology.

Depending on the type of event, the room can be fitted with:

  • a small presidential stage
  • a dais stage in the room area
  • an additional projecting dais

IMAX offers a complete series of additional facilities for hosting events:

  • External wide screen
  • Foyer
  • Cloakroom facilities
  • Internal bar
  • Check-in/guest accrediting desk
  • Merchandising corners, display areas and spaces

It is possible to organise buffet catering services at the entrance, hosting up to 300 standing. During fine weather, it is also possible to use the outdoor space adjacent to the entrance.