Italiano Riccione, Città ideale per i congressi
English Riccione, The ideal town for congresses



In recent years, as the new conference centre was nearing completion, Riccione has concentrated on improving the quality of its accommodation facilities, convinced that investment in this sector would, in time, make the difference.
In particular, the hotel accommodation system - “on the front line of hospitality” - has upgraded its offer, guaranteeing a broad choice of options. If for many the choice of the star-rating of a hotel is the discriminating factor, in Riccione attention to detail, a passion for providing services and a willingness to help guests are a common feature.
It is not really a tourism promotion strategy that conditions our choices, but rather a deep-rooted passion and enthusiasm for what we have been doing for guests for years.

Thanks to collaboration with our hotel partners, we are capable of providing expert technical-logistical support for accommodation facilities and offer an efficient centralized hotel accommodation booking service.